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Wow, I haven’t touched this in *yonks*

Erm, wow, it’s been 9+ months since I updated this. Shit. I guess I’d better recap.

* Finished college, got my HND in Music Performance & Promotion.

* Played Stereo and the 13th Note weith The Reverend Neil McDougall (we were going to play Feederfest in Wolverhampton as well, but that went tits-up at the last minute). Stereo was a cool venue; great stage sound, nice atmosphere. Shame James broke the bass drum skin halfway through the set tho. Ah well.

* I’ve also delved into the world of gig promotion as well; I wound up putting on a gig at the 13th Note last week that originally was to be promoted by my mate Chris and was to have an English black metal band headlining. We wound up with Tempercalm (Modern post-whatever grungy rock, kind of like Feeder meets Nirvana), Blue Movie (kind of a cross between Soundgarden and Led Zep), and Brainchild (imagine Travis, but not shit and depressing, with the resurrected John Bonham on drums) A good night, and we turned a profit. I’ll be doing that again.

* I start my first real, legit job on Monday; I’m a data entry clerk at the National Savings Bank at Cowglen. With any luck this should finance driving lessons and an amplifier. Maybe a guitar or two if I’m lucky as well.

* Still single. Fuck. Or not, as the case may be.

* I need to put a band together as well. Could be tricky with work and all. Probably a bit easier to do once I’m driving and have a car.

* Going to see Dream Theater a week on Friday. Yay! Unfortunately, me and Steven are in Row FF, seats 2 and 3. We’ll probably be sat behind an enormously fat bloke wearing a Rush t-shirt, who’ll sing every song a quarter tone out. Bah. Maybe we’ll hook up with the Voices UK guys after the gig and see if we can meet MP and JP.

* Erm, I have an exponentially-increasing DVD collection. I got Transformers Season 2 Part 1, LOTR: TTT EE, Spinal Tap and Rush In Rio all over the past two weeks. I’m sure it’ll be worse once I start getting paid. Well, actually, I really need to buy more CDs. The last CDs I bought were Number of the Beast and The Mars Volta’s debut, and that was months ago. Hmm. Maybe some death metal. I have MP3s of Bloodbath’s album and a Death album and they’re great.

Anywho, maybe I’ll update this mofo a bit more often. Maybe.


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