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Woo, I just found a swanktastic perk at my work…

Yesterday I discovered that the National Savings Bank (where I work, natch) has a CD/Video/DVD/Games library, that rents out the above items and sells stock they’re finished with. It was open today, so I checked it out after I had lunch (BBQ Spare Ribs and Satay Chicken & fried rice: another perk of my job is the great, ludicrously cheap food), to find they were selling promo versions of PS2 games. Very recent PS2 games, like WRC3, Moto GP 3 and A Dog’s Life. Turns out the guy that runs the CD library does stuff for kids at Yorkhill Hospital, and one way or another manages to get lots of promo disks off Sony to sell at the NSB to raise money for the hospital. It’s all above board and cool with Sony, apparently.

(Clarification: Promo discs are the full games, sent out to magazines etc. for review. The only difference is that there’s no packaging or a manual, just a blue jewel case.)

The best part? These promo discs are going for a FIVER EACH. Holy shit! The £40 that most games cost will buy me EIGHT FUCKING GAMES!

Needless to say I’ll be expanding my collection of PS2 games next week. ^_^

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