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Wierdos at work

How many of you have a strange person in your workplace? I’m not talking about the guy who *gasp* doesn’t want I’m A Celebrity…Who Gives A Fuck?, but someone that is so bizarre you get ‘this-guy-could-end-up-as-a-psycho-rapist-murderer’ vibes from him? The sort of guy who you’d expect that one day you’re going to walk into the toilet and see him taking a crap on the floor?

There’s a guy in my work, called Dave, and he’s giving off those vibes. I can’t even bring myself to describe his wierdness…it really freaks me out. I know we’re supposed to accept people for who and what they are, but thsi guy disturbs me.

Ach, fuck it, I’m going to try to portray what I’m seeing to you with some situational examples.

* We’re signing our timesheets at some point during the day. Dave’s off somewhere else, I think hovering around someone else, trying to interrupt them with some useless piece of made-up information (yes, he makes stuff up, probably because if he told the truth he’d be locked up. :-P). One of the trainers comes in and takes the folder of timesheets away before Dave can sign his sheet, so as she’s leaving, and with her back turned, he lunges forward and flips the old two finger salute. WTF?

I can’t think of any other particular scenarios bar that one, but the whole vibe he gives off is *very* creepy. Child-molester-esque. *shudders*

of course, he’s from Newton Mearns, so he’s probably in-bred, so that’d explain it.

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