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A fun Minecraft seed – Deconstruction!

In the last few months, I’ve dabbled on and off with the excellent PC game Minecraft.  Its world-generation system, which utilises strings of characters known as seeds to create the world in which you play, can throw up some fascinating results.  Type in ‘glacier’ as your seed and you play in a gorgeous mountainous rainforest type setting.  The seed ‘gargamel’ starts you off underground, and, if you’re playing on any difficulty other than Peaceful, you’ll invariably be getting your arse chewed off by zombies right from the get-go because of it.  These ‘interesting’ seeds are highly sought after by the Minecraft community, and I’ve stumbled on another interesting one – ‘Deconstruction’.  Yes, you have to capitalise the ‘D’.  It matters, if you weren’t aware of that before.

So, I stuck ‘Deconstruction’ in as my seed (inspired by the mighty Devin Townsend’s newest album), and I discover the following…


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