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Searching the Electoral Roll for fun and profit

Doing my soon-to-be-quitted job at NS&I, I occasionally have to use a little tool to look up people’s addresses by name or postcode to update their details on the Alpha Index system that records the details of all of NS&I’s account holders. A couple of days ago, I got bored (as is often the case with this job) and decided to do a bit of fooling around with the search system, which is based off the Electoral Roll. A few fun facts I discovered…

* There are two chaps in the UK with the name Jesus Christ. One of my colleagues suggested that they should battle it out to see who is the true Messiah.
* There are many hundreds of people in the UK with the same forename and surname, i.e. John John. Why the fuck would your parents give you the same name twice? The mind truly boggles.
* There is a Mr Hugh Jarse living in Milton Keynes. I shit you not.
* There is also a Mr Pat Wank out there, a Mr Ben Dover, one Ms Helene Fuck and a number of Phil McCrackens.
* For all you Dream Theater fans, John Petrucci is living in Bognor Regis. Either that or it’s a FILTHY IMPOSTOR!
* For the Metallica fans, there are a number of James Hetfields in the UK, one Lars Ulrich, but no Jason Newsteds, Kirk Hammetts. Cliff Burtons or Rob Trujillos.
* There is a bloke out there living with the name Luke Skywalker. Christ, and I thought *I* was a Star Wars geek.

I’ll come up with some more sometime. Stay tuned!

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