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My adventures in photoshop…

This was a response to a post on the Mike Portnoy forum about 5000 ducks dying in a fire on a farm. I saw the opportunity to tie it into the running gag du jour on, involving barns, octopi, and the black metal vocalist Gaahl. Don’t ask.

What can I say? It’s in the mould of the many ‘I’d hit it!’ pics, usually posted as a response to a photo of an attractive young lady.

A response to a ‘Caption This’ thread on, the caption to this alteration of the original image is: “After Jordan Rudess falls asleep playing Pull Me Under for the 53892430th time, he fails to notice that John Myung has shaved off his eyebrows and painted his head blue.”

Again, a tie-in to the ‘octobarn/gaahl’ joke on Not really funny unless you understand the context.

A PS of another funny image, of two goth kids on a council estate. In this, the idea is that they’re the backing singers for Gaahl’s new-look Gorgoroth line-up.

Yet another Gaahl photoshop; it was a major running gag over the last couple of weeks or so.

In-joke. Don’t ask.

Say hello to Mr. Gaahl, headmaster of the Gothenburg School of Tr00 Kvlt Studies.

Gaahl seen here about to devour the soul of Jimmy Stewart in a scene from the Directors Cut of It’s A Wonderful Life.

Another ‘Caption/Photoshop This!’ entry on, this time of Dream Theater yodeller James LaBrie seemingly in a compromising situation.

Another ‘We’d Hit It!’ variant.

Now we know where Jordan Rudess gets his seemingly-inhuman keyboard skills; he made a deal with the devil, or in this case, one of his musical lieutenants.

It seems that Gaahl isn’t so tr00 or gr1m after all.

When the olympic pole vault goes horribly wrong…

In the massive ‘octobarn’ thread, people started to octobarn-ify various album covers, with one noteable Dream Theater-related exception. I decided to step in and rectify the situation.

Edited – thanks to Mike Whitaker for the tip. 🙂

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