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Job dilemma

I’m going for a job interview tomorrow, with some marketing/promotion type company called IPG Imports. They’re looking for ‘enthusiastic people 18+’ to earn about £200-£300 a week with possible entry into management. Thing is, the ads never say what the people getting the job are going to do 😛
I’ve did a bit of detective work with Uncle Google and found out they’re a subsidiary of some marketing/PR consortium called The Cobra Group, and it looks like at least part of what they do is going about selling stuff…now, apparently this IPG imports lot work ‘business to business’, whatever that entails. They’re ALWAYS advertising for staff, without fail, in the Evening Times, and have done so for at least a year (I actually got an interview with another company that did the exact same thing in another bit of Glasgow, probably another subsidiary of Cobra)
The fact that they’re always looking for staff seems to suggest that they might have a high staff turnover, suggesting that it’s either a shit job that causes folk to leave frequently, or it’s ridiculously high-pressure and lots of folk get the heave ho because they don’t meet the targets. They don’t need applicants to send in a CV to get an interview, you phone up and ‘bam!’, it’s all ‘can you come in tomorrow?’, where they ask you to come in the next day to follow one of their sales dudes around or something to see what the job’s about. When I was in for an interview with one of these companies last year, the guy that was interviewing basically said I’d have the job there and then.
They usually have some BS line in their ads about expanding into Europe, which sets off my BS detector immediately considering they’ve been saying that for years, and the ads are a different design every single time they’re in the Times, with no mention of the names of the companies in ’em, but pretty much the same spiel in each of them. The whole thing smells like there’s a massive catch to me. Probably involving a pyramid scheme, or anal probes or something.
Am I being unreasonable in being uneasy about the whole thing? At least it’s not call centre work (by the sounds of it), but like I say, it sounds like there’s a horrible catch hidden in there somewhere.

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