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I’ve just found a rather cool music video…

It’s the video for swedish extreme metallers Meshuggah’s ‘New Millennium Cyanide Christ’. Puts an amusing spin in the old ‘the band plays the song live in the video, honest’ format. 🙂

Erm, I’ve not blogged much recently…what’s new…Got £175-ish back from the inland revenue because I shouldn’t have been paying tax (wahey!), so that should give me a good war chest to fund a trip to Wigan for the national pissup in November, so that’s good.

Ninjutsu is proceeding nicely, had my first weapons experience last week, doing some work with the hanbo (3ft staff) and some knife defences. Didn’t come back with a naggingly sore arm too, which is good.

My uncle from Australia is over here for three weeks with his partner and daughter, nice to see ’em again.

I got banned from the forum again. D’oh. got me the bannination, which I reckon is a bit harsh, even with a forum with a ‘no political discussion’ rule, but meh, shit happens I guess.

Bough Spiderman 2 and Tony Hawk’s Underground the other day. Spidey 2 is cool – Grand Theft Spiderman basically. Seeing the whole of Manhattan spread out before you as you web-swing along is fab. Oh, and THUG is the best skateboarding game ever. Although the ‘do spine transfer tricks over a statue’ bit I’m at just now is a bastard. Oh, I also beat World Tour mode in Tiger Woods 2004 and all my stats are between 95-110%. w00t.

You might notice that my blog has a new look (if you actually visit my blog page rather than reading on your own friends list). I was messing around with LJ settings and I couldn’t seem to see what the setting I had before was. Ah well, this will do just as well, in a ‘Livejournal for MS-DOS’ kinda way.

Oh, and my new user icon rocks, in a Transformers geek kinda way (it’s the Jar Jar Binks of Transformers, Wheelie, being eaten by a Sharkticon. Yay).

Erm, not much else to report springs to mind at the moment. My mate Ryan should be a dad by this time next week, so I’m sure I’ll have things to say on that matter.

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