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It’s done…

A couple of weeks ago, I went off to a farm in the middle of the windswept Glennifer Braes, a big-ass area of farms, hills and other such green-ness in the west of Scotland, south of Glasgow. As the topic title suggests, I was there to produce the debut EP of a band I’m friends with, The Mocha Nights. Last night the mixing & (rudimentary) mastering was done and I gave the dudes their master copies to burn off and send to promoters and stuff.

Additionally, I just uploaded the whole thing to their webspace (with their blessing, natch) and now I’m posting the links here to let my LiveJournal friends get in on the action early (the MP3s won’t be linked to on the site until after they’re out gigging).

So, here we go…right click on each track name and save to yer hard drives.

1 – Midnight Sleepers
The guys were shooting for a funky sort of Dave Matthews-ish sound to this one. Definitely very sunny and upbeat, and a cool opener.
2 – View From The Eyes
More sombre this one, a piano driven melancholy ballad with a big RAWK chorus.
3 – Love In Orbit
A bit Police-meets-modern-rock this one, about interstellar hanky-panky.
4 – Dinner Party
The ‘epic’, so to speak – five and a half minutes in three sections. Good one to close things with, and very Muse-esque in places, with touches of The Beatles. Listen for the nugget right at the end of the MP3.

Enjoy, and constructive feedback on the songs and the recordings are greatly appreciated, seeing as we should be doing the next EP some time in the summer. πŸ˜€

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