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It’s alll about Meme…

Here’s something that fleetfootmike had on his blog a few days ago…

“Assuming your neighbours are out of town and you wanna crank it up to 11 and dance around the house in your underwear, whats the top 5 tunes you’d rattle the siding off of the house with?”

In no particular order, and off the top of my head…


Actually, I’m going to alter this slightly. I’m going to do five of my favourite bands, and name an ‘underwear singalong’ tune for each of ’em.

1. Dream Theater – A Change Of Seasons. Of course, this wouldn’t work if the folks next door have just popped out for a pint of milk.

2. Opeth – Deliverance. More to rock out to the fantastic final three minutes in my scants, really, but has some fab sing/grunt-a-long sections.

3. Transatlantic – Duel With The Devil or Stranger In Your Soul. Neal Morse is such a good songwriter. It’d be criminal not to have something of his on here. Lots of the stuff from Spock’s Beard’s Snow could fit nicely in here as well.

4. Devin Townsend – Storm. If you’ve heard it, you know how cool this song is. It has some personal significance too, but it’s still a great song to yodel along to. Honourable mention to Life off Ocean Machine and All Hail The New Flesh off SYL’s City.

5. Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer. It’s in the rules.

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