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Haven’t blogged properly for a while…

So now seems like a good time. 🙂

What’s new? Well, I’ve left my job, but could be getting sanctioned big-time by the DSS for doing so. As far as future employment goes, I’ve git an appication in for what I believe is a part-time position at the Crosshouse Hospital library. I’ll see how that goes. I missed out on the possibility of part-time work at Gamestation, though. I went in last Monday and saw a sign in the window advertising for part-time staff. They said I should hand in a CV. Good thing I had an appointment with the DSS in Killie two days later. So, Wednesday comes, I go to Gamestation, but it turned out that they’d found someone to fill the vacancy. “Arsenuggets,” thinks I. Thye say I can give them my CV and they’ll keep it on file in case anything else opens up. I can’t say I’ll be hanging on the phone for that. Maybe I could send a CV to the Duallist drum pedal company in Killie. Hmm….

BTW, that same Monday, I geek-ed out and bought two half-price Transformers from Woolworths. Armada Superbase Optimus Prime and Armada Unicron, all for £35. Could be worth a few bob when I’m old and grey, so I’m making sure all the boxes and parephenalia are being kept. In the meantime, Unicron is standing in front of my amp, flipping the bird with one hand and throwing up the \m/ horns with the other. Gotta love those poseable fingers!

Still no word on my application for university. I’m not getting my hopes up for 2004 entry, and if I don’t get in this year I can always apply for next year.

Music wise, I tried doing some recording yesterday but Sonar went tits-up on me when I was trying to fuck around with a VST instrument. However, today a new idea struck me; doing something that doesn’t require me dragging out cables, fiddling around with connections at the back of my PC, etc. Something consisting entirely of VST instruments and soundfonts. Hell, with me having , ahem, acquired Yamha Vocaloid Lola, it doesn’t even need to be instrumental. I could have vocal songs. Sung by something that sounds like a female version of Steven Hawking’s talk-box. But I digress.

Nothing happening band-wise. I guess that’s on the back burner for the time being. I’m trying to get the 13th Note booked for a gig but Brendan, the booker dude hasn’t emailed be back. Bah and double bah. The last gig made a shitload of cash for the place. Grr.

Erm, that should do for now.

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