This is the website of Neil McDougall, a musician/blogger/podcaster/bookie from Ayrshire.

A new face for my site.

If any of you are familiar with the old, and know a thing or two about web design, you’ll know it was distincly last-decade in its execution – laid out with tables, done in a WYSIWYG HTML editor, basic graphics, no Javascript, XML or any of those fancy modern doo-hickeys.

Look-wise, it was fine – nice and clean, no flashing ‘E-Mail Me!’ animated .gifs, ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION’ banners or scrolling/flashing text, but it was a bit of a pain in the arse to update, frankly, and I wanted to make some use of more up-to-date web stuff.  Seeing as I know next to nowt about CSS, XHTML, Javascript or the like, I decided to do what countless other people have done, and whacked WordPress onto my website.

It’ll be a lot easier to update the site now, seeing as I spend far more time in a web browser than I do in Dreamweaver or the like, and I can use Firefox plugins like Scribefire to update it without having to log in to my site.  I hit the wee icon in the toolbar at the bottom of Firefox, I write a post, and boom, it’s up on the site.  Yaaas.

So. add this here site to yer RSS readers, ’cause you’ll be hearing more from me, on a multitude of subjects, ranging from music, to sports, to whatever other shite I feel like writing about.

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