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A musing…

Right, this one’s mainly for my musically-minded friends, but any of my other LJ pals are free to opine on this as well.

The Department of Work & Pensions has, for everyone on New Deal (like me), a wee fund of £300 for everyone, for purposes pertaining to helping people find work or improve their chances of getting work. This is usually used by the likes of chavs/neds when they don’t have anything other than Burbery/Kappa/FUBU/whatthefuckever and they have an interview for an office job, so their advisor will use the money to basically sort them out with the means to get a cheap suit from Top Man or whatever.

Now, being that I’m a musician/producer/engineer type fellow, my Music Industry Consultant (laid on in case I chose the New Deal For Musicians option, which I probably willl at some stage) suggests I should think of some way to use that money to further my prospects of musical advancement. Now, he suggested stuff like getting guitar lessons or the like (the dole seem to like training-type things), but bugger that, I can play to a reasonable degree after teaching myself. So I have a few other ideas…

* Arbiter Flats drum kit (learning to play drums could open up my gigging opportunities)
* Tascam digital portastudio thingy (there’s times when I can’t really be arsed plugging all the stuff into my computer only for Cakewalk to go tits up or whatever)
* New guitar for Room 1 usage (my Godin is heavier than Jennifer Lopez’ arse, the DeArmond is a junky guitar for nasty wiry noises, the Yamaha and the Les Paul are Baritone and 7-string respectively, and the other two are bass and accoustic, so a new normally-tuned 6-string would be nice)
* Mics/wee mixing desk? A condenser or two and a lickle Behringer desk with phantom power would be nice…

That’s all that immediately spring to mind…suggestions are most welcome.

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