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52 Weeks of Music – Week 2: Bring Me Home

Well, here we are again, and after a few hours slaving over a hot DAW, I’m back with another all-new, all-original piece of music for your delectation.

This time, I’ve farted out a blatant Devin Townsend rip-off, all downtuning and delays and Lydian scales. The song is called Bring Me Home.

Download the song here – Bring Me Home

Some technical notes: this song uses my Yamaha RGX-420 Drop 6 baritone guitar, which is tuned down a fourth to B-E-A-D-F#-B as standard.  Unfortunately, this required me to use my 5-string bass, which, to be frank, sounds a bit crap compared to my Ibanez 4-stringer.  Anyone want to buy me a new 5-string bass?

Also, after polling for opinions on Twitter, I’m going to record a podcast where I talk about the songs and the recordings in a bit more detail.  More on that when it’s done, hopefully later tonight.  If not later tonight, then probably Saturday.

Anyway, enjoy the tunes, and be sure and tell yer pals!

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