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52 Weeks of Music – Week 1: Absentee

So, we’re off and running in this mad project of mine, with a bouncy wee ditty called ‘Absentee’.  I actually wrote this last week (hey, I can cheat a wee bit, it’s my project, so I make the rules.  :P), but I did the bulk of the actual recording today.  The only things left over from my original scratch demo were the MIDI drums, the keyboard solo and the guitar solo after the keyboard solo.

Download the song here – Absentee

The whole tune basically stemmed from the riff that makes up the intro and verses.  The frantic octave-ey riff that plays in the instrumental section…I’m not entire sure how I came up with that.  I just sort of…stumbled into it, I suppose.  Cool riff though.  🙂

I had some disasters recording it.  I actually had the whole thing done yesterday, but when I was doing one last save, Sonar crashed and somehow everything I had done went missing from the project file, even the stuff I had saved previously in the afternoon – the whole thing had basically reverted to the scratch demo.  Much rage ensued, as anyone who follows me on Twitter can attest to.  However, today, I picked up tools again and managed to get the song done without anything dying on me.

Yes, the vocals aren’t the greatest, the playing’s a wee bit iffy in spots and there’s a couple of bits of breathing left in the backing vocal bus, but I’m not bothered about that – the objective isn’t out-mixing the Black Album, it’s about writing and recording music and getting it out there, and so far, I’m succeeding.

Here’s to the next 51 weeks!

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