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Those were the days…

Well, it’s been nearly two f’n months since my last update, and now I come swanning back in here! What am I like eh? 🙂

Anyway, what’s the latest in Neil-land?

Money? No, I’m fuggin skint.
Women? Nope. Still single.
Fame? Nope, my current band is barely off the ground, and my solo projects are on hold.

Well, the college record label, Glass Cheque Records, now has a website as designed by yours truly, viewable at The Mary Jane single cover art is completed, with just minor tweaks and additions needing done, so that’ll be all set for the single release on GCR on Jan 28th (not to mention the crazy launchparty at either King Tut’s or Fury Murray’s :-). Need to get the boys some gigs tho. The label NEEDS to sell many singles.

Tried doing some recording yesterday but it just wasn’t happening for me. Couldn’t get a good guitar sound for what I was trying to do 🙁

Got rehersals at Berkley tomorrow, which should be fun. Might take my DeArmond guitar up; the old girl hasn’t seen action in a few months. She deserves a blast through a Marshall 🙂

Decided to get a PS2 with my next loan cheque. There’s a Gibson SG-copy guitar in Glasgow for £130 that’s giving me a big dose of GAS (Guitar/Gear Acquisition Syndrome), so if my calculations leave me with enough wonga I may just purchase the mofo.

Not much else of note is happening at the mo, so I’ll sign off. 🙂

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