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Yet another old Livejournal post

Well, LiveJournal spies, it’s Tuesday night and I’m plonked in front of my PC with a bottle of Lilt, and the updates for today and yesterday 🙂

MONDAY: Business as usual. Didn’t do my essays. Played the Playstation for a bit. On the good side tho, I found out that my mum *will* be going out this weekend, which means I can get Kelly to come visit, which therefore means a-bumpin’ and a-grindin! 😉
If the readers of my journal (Just Dfer as far as I know :P) want, I’ll relay the full details of Friday night’s proceedings, providing they proceed as planned.

TODAY: Half-day at college as usual (yay!), No Francis (double yay!), I sorted out rehersal time for my new band tomorrow (triple yay!), and David Hendrie bought me lunch, seeing as I bought him lunch on Thursday (Foley bless Burger King student vouchers!). Gotta love XL Bacon Double Cheeseburgers. Mmmmmm.

I also bought a MIDI cable for connecting my V-Amp guitar amp modeller/preamp to my PC for advanced patch editing. Thanks to the users of the V-Amp egroups,Ididn’t have to pay for the SoundDiver software too, muahahahha. Oh, and I finally fitted new strings to my Godin SD. The Fender Bullets were getting manky, and I wanted to move up to 10-46s for a fatter tone anyway, so it’s back to the Ernie Ball Super Slinkys, and a nice bright sound for the studio tomorrow, and Delusion’s first jam session.

Well, that’s me for today…Maybe doan up date tomorrow, and one on Friday afternoon.


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