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So, last night, at ICW’s show at the ABC in Glasgow, this happened.

That mashup of the Goldberg theme and the version of ‘Like A Prayer’ that Grado uses for his entrance was put together a few months ago after I had a daft idea sparked by Grado meeting Bill Goldberg in Las Vegas, and there’s my daft wee idea playing a part in over a thousand folk losing their shit.  Mental.

So, if you’re here, you probably fancy a wee cheeky download of the mashup, aye?  Well, fill yer boots!

And if you liked that, please do me a favour and go here and download my band’s debut EP.  And give us a wee ‘Like’ on Facebook while you’re at it.

(In case anyone’s interested in the technical side of it, short story is that I used Propellerheads Reason, with the default Orchestral sound bank that comes with it providing most of the sounds.)

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