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I went to see the almighty Godfathers of extreme prog-metal, Opeth, last night at the Garage in Glasgow. And it FUCKING RULED.

Norwegian goth-metallers Madder Mortem were up first, and had a singer that looked scarily like my last girlfriend. Still, they were okay, but nothing jaw-dropppingly phenomenal. The crowd was polite, but we knew who we came to see.

The Almighty O sauntered onto the stage after the techs had finished changing the cymbals and snare on the drums, tuning guitars, fiddling with pedals etc. They then proceeded to kick all our asses with The Leper Affinity. \m/

That finished, and Mike talked a little bit in his laid back Swedish style. An obnoxious sounding chick in the crowd was shouting ‘DEMON OF THE FALL!’ and Mike deadpanned ‘We don’t take requests.’ The crowd cheered that. In fact the crowd would probably have cheered if Mike farted.

Anyway, the entire setlist was as follows.

The Leper Affinity
The Drapery Falls
Godhead’s Lament
Serenity Painted Death <-- The place went bonkers for this one. The first proper moshpit of the night for this. A Fair Judgement ==== Demon of the Fall The encore was unusual...not so much the choice of song (DOTF has been the encore for the whole tour), but the fact that they didn't leave the stage after the last tune. Mike said that if they went off stage and downstairs, they 'couldn't hear if we wanted another one'. Of course, it goes without saying that we did, and an encore is standard procedure anyway, so Opeth busted out Demon Of The Fall and there was much pittage. And headbang-age, And guitar solo-age. And it was good. Amen. \m/ They're coming back on the Damnation tour, probably about June or July by my guestimation. If they play on my birthday, I'm gonna FREAK 😀 And on Tuesday I'm going to see Devin Townsend and SYL. w00t!

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