This is the website of Neil McDougall, a musician/blogger/podcaster/bookie from Ayrshire.

What’s new, Pussycat?


* Got a Laptop. PII 233, 160MB RAM, 10GB HD, 14″ colour TFT, Win98, Office2K, Photoshop, other guff – £300. Praise Jeebus for travelling expenses.

* I’m playing King Tut’s with my college band on march 26th. YEEESS!

* Bought lots of new CDs. Opeth, Transatlantic, Rush. Good stuff.

* Speaking of the best Swedish/Uruguyan Death Metal/Prog/Folk/Jazz band EVAH, I’m going to see Opeth at the Garage on March 14th. W00t!

* Then 4 days later, it’s Strapping Young Lad FUCKING \m/METAL\m/

* Umm, I need to get laid. Any offers?

* Not much else happening. If I win the lottery, I’ll post again 😛


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